Joe Sandi inspecting a roof

Helping you get a fair deal

We are dedicated to bringing you peace of mind by leading and guiding you through the process of replacing or repairing your roof so that you receive the best product anyone can possibly deliver.

Installing Peace of Mind

This was our motto as roofing installers. Today, we offer an unbiased professional opinion from a 40 year industry veteran. If you have any uncertainty, or you just want to make sure you are well taken care of, give us a call and we’ll help you make an informed decision.

Cost Estimation

We take a close look at the repairs needed, then we measure your roof and price materials based on the current industry standards and practices taking in to consideration inspections and building and safety requirements. Finally, we evaluate the process including time and manpower to inform you with the most accurate analysis for your project.

Warranty Analysis

If your roof has an associated manufacturer’s warranty, we analyze the limits of the warranty and estimate the current value of your project. A manufacturer’s lifetime warranty has limitations and certain considerations. In instance where a material is no longer produced, you have options. We help you to identify what your actual coverage is and secure your benefits.

Estimate Comparisons

Big Valley Roofing Consultants will provide at least three options for your estimate comparison and budget. Our goal is to find you the best value and best solution according to your need, the quality of your roof and the life expectancy of materials. There are many components that go into a roof besides what you can see from the sidewalk. In addition to the condition of the shingles or tiles, there is underlayment, wood, and adhesives. Other considerations include Manufacturer’s and Workmanship Warranties.