Why this service

Our existence is directed at protecting home and building owners who may or may not have the experience or time to handle these very important and critical matters, we do it by collecting all the important and vital information in order to make the most intelligent and informed decision in selecting the contractor who will be performing the needed work on either a roof system install or repairs. We do it because of the relentless abuse by licensed and unlicensed contractors of property owners we have seen over the years we have been in the industry.          

Vintage Joe Sandi on the roof

The Genesis

As a young man I entered the work force by joining the ranks of the Goodyear Tire and Rubber co. as an auto mechanic, I started while still in High School, got married out of school and had a wife and a rent along with other responsibilities, soon after mechanics went on strike, and I changed industry at the suggestion of my brother-in-law who owned and operated a roofing co.  I started working with him at the age of 20 and never looked backed, my carrier the roofing industry started, I worked with my brother in law for 18 years and then went to work at Big Valley Roofing co. in 1994 in 2000 the owner of Big valley offered me the co. we started procedures between us and in 2004 we hired attorneys and finalized the sale and hands change in 2005 which I operated until 2014. Over the years I managed and ran every aspect of operating a business specialized in the roofing industry. I had the displeasure of informing many property owners that they had been cheated. and now I am working on the prevention of such practice by unscrupulous contractors, by offering the property owners a professional unbiased recommendation of the work needed and supervision of the repair or install. I love the roofing industry and care about all perspective clients and that is my why;   roofing consulting